El Safa Plast & Metal Works Co.Since 1982 in the manufacture of plastic molds


• SINCE 1982 EL SAFA PLAST has been classified as a high quality plastic injection and blow mold manufacturer and assemblies for a wide variety of industries ( pharmaceutical , cosmetics ,house ware , care spare parts ,electrical ,engineering , sanitation ,conical string And pipe fitting equipment) . • El safa plast understands customer requirements with a full range of engineering support including a product design department with expert knowledge of material selection , now we strived for high-quality products and we win the trust from the customers and broad market.


Since the establishment of the company we have been working on manufacturing our products in terms of quality and customer satisfaction and gain trust and build a bridge of credibility between us and them, our main goal is to reach the highest quality specifications in the market at reasonable prices in order to ensure the long term satisfaction of our customers.

EL SAFA PLAST plastic injection and blow mold manufacturer

We are manufacturers and producers


Providing more and better services to our customers who represent the most important factor of the company's continuity and who are at the forefront of interest, to work on the vision of the future company, and work to provide the best always.