EL SAFA PLAST CO.has been classified as a highquality plastic injection & blow mold manufacturer

Manufacture of Molds

  - Injection Molds   - Blow Molds  

high quality & latest mould manufacturing technology

- (CNC) Machines - (EDM) Machines - (WIRE CUT) Machines

Our Product

Medical Products      Cosmetics Packs      - Electrical Plastic Products      Pack covers      - Blow packaging      - Threads Thread      - Engineering and electrical tools      - Housewares

 SINCE 1982 EL SAFA PLAST has been classified as a high quality plastic injection and blow mold manufacturer and assemblies for a wide variety of industries ( pharmaceutical , cosmetics ,house ware , care spare parts ,electrical ,engineering , sanitation ,conical string And pipe fitting equipment) .

El safa plast understands customer requirements with a full range of engineering support including a product design department with expert knowledge of material selection , now we strived for high-quality products and we win the trust from the customers and broad market .

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El Safa Plast& Metal Works Co.

Our Location

20 Wahid Ahmed St. Off Nasser St., Bigam Rd.Industrial Zone, Shoubra El Khaymah, Kaliobeya
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Contact infoOur Location and Phone Numbers

  20 Wahid Ahmed St. Off Nasser St., Bigam Rd.
      Industrial Zone, Shoubra El Khaymah, Kaliobeya



  +2 460 - 53 - 444

  +2 460 - 42 - 114